Ecological Investment Awards


Awards for the 2019 Sustainable & Impact Finance Symposium in Asia

These first ever Ecological Investing Awards are intended to reward the growing endeavor in sustainable investing across different industries in Asia, including fund managers and corporations and their sustainability strategies. Through greater communications between companies and their investors, there can come a culture of improved competitiveness and long term financial integrity, which can successfully boost the formation of an ecological society. 


Applicants for all categories of the Ecological Investing Awards program must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

· Applicants must have significant operations in Asia. 

· Applicants must have active operations in Asia between Jan 1st, 2019, and August 31st, 2019. 

· Applicants must have a clear schedule for continuing operations in Asia for the next two years.

Application Process: 

Applications are required to submit their application online via the following link. The deadline for submissions is August 31st, 2019. Please complete the form specific to the awards category to which you are applying and submit it with the required supplemental information. Any inquiries regarding the application process can be sent to  

Evaluation Process: 

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of high-profile experts in sustainable finance in collaboration with leading professionals in the category of each respective award. The results will be announced at the mid of September, with winners receiving their awards during the ceremonial dinner at our next event (to be announced). 

Awards Category:

· Best Sustainable Company in Asia 

· Most Improved Sustainable Company in Asia 

· Best Sustainable Fund Manager working in China

· Best Green Bank in China

· Best Innovation in Sustainable Investing in China

· Best Investor Relations on Sustainability in Asia 

· Best ESG Data Provider in China

· Best Research House in China

· Best Sustainable Private Equity Firm in Asia

· Best Sustainable Venture Capital Firm in Asia 

· Best Green Infrastructure in Asia

· Best Green Real Estate in Asia